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traffic control services

Traffic control services for any project, large or small

If you need quality, professional traffic control services, look no further than Certified Personnel Service Agency Inc. In addition to our staffing services for businesses and job placement services for prospective employees, we specialize in providing traffic control services for almost any project.


We can provide flaggers, routing, and other traffic control services for just about any project. Our teams are available for anything from single day events to extended, multi-year projects. Contact either of our convenient offices in LaGrande or Redmond today for more information.

Get award-winning service

You'll get reliable, professional traffic control services when you choose CPS. We've been honored with the Minority Business Enterprise of the Year award from the Federal Highway Administration for our outstanding commitment to service.

Traffic control

  • Flaggers

  • Traffic routing

  • Short term events

  • Long-term projects

Put our experience to work for you today

We've been providing quality staffing, job placement, and traffic control services since 1992. Let us put those 23 years of experience to work for you on your next project, whether you need qualified employees to fill staffing vacancies or professional flagging and routing to keep traffic moving.